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Blue Light Glasses for Gamers


In today's tech-centric world, our interaction with digital screens has become more frequent and prolonged. Whether it's for work, leisure, or a blend of both, devices are integral to our day-to-day activities, especially for gamers.

Gaming isn't just a hobby for many; it's an immersive experience that demands attention, skill, and hours in front of screens. But there's a catch: the blue light emitted by these screens. Here's why every gamer should think about wearing blue light glasses:

Gaming Puts Stress on Your Eyes

The virtual world of gaming demands intense focus. However, screen glares can make your eyes work overtime, causing symptoms like blurred vision, dry eyes, and even headaches. There's also the risk of digital eye strain, associated with:

1/ Increased light sensitivity
2/ Trouble focusing
3/ Overwhelming eye fatigue

Extended screen exposure isn't just limited to eye strain. It can lead to other health concerns like cybersickness, tech neck, impaired attention, and even sleep issues.

Exposure to Blue Light while gaming and Sleep

Blue light affects our body's circadian rhythm. It plays a key role in our sleep-wake cycle, keeping us alert during the day. But excessive exposure at night can impede melatonin production, a sleep hormone, tricking our brains into alertness when it should be winding down. Over time, poor sleep can impact overall health, immune function, and mood.

How Blue Light Glasses Help

Blue light glasses primarily filter out blue light, reducing its influx to your eyes. With anti-reflective and glare-free properties, they can minimise dryness and strain. Plus, you don't have to compromise on the visual quality of your games as Baxter Blue's range of blue light glasses offer optimum blue light protection without distorting game graphics.

Choosing the right Blue Light Glasses

Before investing in a pair of blue light glasses ensure:

1/ They filter out at least 80% of the high energy blue light that is responsible for the symptoms of digital eye strain.

2/The glasses are of premium quality with sturdy construction.

3/ There are options for non-prescription or readers.

4/ They offer varied styles and colours, marrying function with fashion.

Baxter Blue's range of blue light glasses are a great option. With Blue+ lenses offering up to 80% blue light filtering, clear visuals without amber tints, premium anti-reflective coating and UV protection.

Blue light glasses, are more than just a trendy accessory for gamers. They serve as a protective barrier, minimising eye fatigue and promoting better sleep patterns. It's a small investment that can lead to enhanced gaming experiences, as players can enjoy longer sessions without the accompanying eye strain or the lurking worry of its long-term effects.

Blue Light Glasses

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