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We're Re-Framing the Future.

Your favourite Baxters are now available in our premium, Italian made, Bio-Acetate. Made from plant based organic matter, we have developed our most extraordinary frame yet. Sustainable style just raised the stakes. Welcome to a new tier of luxury.

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Plant based Bio-Acetate:

● Made in Italy, our plant based Bio-Acetate is a luxury material produced by one of the most distinguished producers in the world.

● Our Bio-Acetate is made of natural resources and organic waste. It uses zero fossil fuels.

● FSC Certified - The wood used for our Bio-Acetate is cultivated and managed in compliance with the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines.

● Our Bio-Acetate is biodegradable. If you were to throw them in the trash (why you would, we have no idea), our frames will naturally start to break down within 115 days*.

This is just the beginning.

We know we are at the beginning, not the finish line, but change starts somewhere. Between our give back promise, our sustainable packaging, and our bio ambitions, we here at Baxter are going for a better future. We’re taking big steps towards a smaller footprint, and believe this is the future of luxury.

We stand for something better, and thank you for doing so too.

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It's all in the details...


Biodegradability is a concept that often confuses. The most widespread idea is, if a material is biodegradable, it can be thrown on the ground and will decompose over time - eventually disappearing.

According to the International Organisation for Standardisation, the term ‘biodegradable' defines any material that can be broken down by the enzymatic activity of microorganisms, sunlight, and other environmental physical agents into simple chemical compounds - such as water, carbon dioxide, and methane.

Biodegradation is influenced by the chemical nature of the material and by the biodegradation environment. In order to define a plastic material as biodegradable, the degree of biodegradation must reach 90% in an incubation time of no more than 6 months.

Our plant based Bio-Acetate exceeds 90% after only 115 days of incubation. So now you know!

This is in accordance with the UNI-EN-ISO 14855-2: 2018 standards.

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