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Addison - Gloss Black


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Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Less headaches & sore eyes

Filter blue light from screens

Virtually clear lens

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Designed to be worn when the sun goes down, our amber Blue+™ Sleep lenses filter out the blue-light wavelengths that impact the release of melatonin - and subsequently, a good night’s sleep!

Versatile / Striking / Easy going

The Fit:

Designed for ages 7-10 years old, the Addison blue light sleep glasses look great on all face shapes, the three colorways lending themselves to different personalities.

The Lenses:

Our amber Blue+ ™ light filtering lenses, with anti-reflective & super hydro-phobic coating are specifically designed to help improve the quality of your sleep

The Benefits:

Improves quality of sleep, promotes melatonin production, minimal color distortion



The Baxter Blue standard. Every pair features our Blue+ ™ light filtering lenses, anti-reflective coating, and UV protection. All you need to do is find your frame. And then rock it.

Blue+ ™ lens
Eliminates Glare
Filters Blue Light
Sleep Lens

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