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How to choose glasses for heart shape faces


Want to learn how to choose glasses for heart face shapes? We’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ve listed a variety of suitable frames for heart shaped faces, along with the common characteristics of this face type, specific features to avoid, and colours available. Find out more below.

Characteristics Of Heart Face Shapes

There’s a few iconic features to identify a heart face shape - including a wider forehead, high cheekbones, sharp jawline, and pointed chin. These features blend together to provide the face with a heart shape (as the name suggests).

With this specific face shape, you’ll notice that the chin is much narrower than the forehead. So, it’s important to find glasses that help to balance this out.

Suitable Frames For Heart Shape Faces

Ready to learn how to choose glasses for heart shaped faces? Below, we’ve listed the most flattering styles to complement this facial structure.

1/ Cat Eye

First up, we have cat-eye frames - perfect for anyone chasing a style with a little bit of classy attitude.

Thanks to the iconic design that extends past the corners of the eyebrows, this particular style works so well on heart shaped faces because it draws the attention away from the narrow chin.

And because this style is much wider on the forehead, it can help balance the facial structure.

2/ Oval Frames

Oval frames are another great choice for heart shaped faces because they draw attention and play-down the pointed chin.

Since the heart face shape is quite angular around the jawline, oval specs also create a flattering contrast to help soften your look.

3/ Round

Another great style to help soften the heart face shape is round frames. They’re also much taller than oval frames, which means they can help add more length to your facial structure.

Round frames are also a really versatile shape - with plenty of modern and vintage styles for you to choose from.

Features to avoid

Before you settle on a set of specs, you might want to take note of certain features to avoid when you’re looking for glasses to suit heart face shapes. This includes…

● Frames with a heavier top proportion, as this can disrupt the balance of your facial structure.
● Oversized or undersized glasses, as this won’t suit the proportions of the face.
● Glasses that fit uncomfortably or awkwardly on your face.

Colours Available

Now that you’ve selected a suitable style for a heart face shape, you’ll now need to consider the colour of your frames. Luckily, this step is pretty straightforward.

All you need to do is consider choosing any colours that complement your eye colour or skin tone. For example, If you have hazel eyes, you might consider grey or clear frames. Or, if you have green or blue eyes, you might want to choose brown, blue, or white frames.

Virtual Try On

If you are still unsure which shape and colour will suit you, use our Virtual Try On available for all our styles. Simply press the 'Virtual Try On' button located on each product and see in real time how the glasses look from the cmfort of your own home.


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