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7 tips on how to increase your productivity


In a world where productivity drives us, we have to find ways to be our most productive selves as we get through the working week.

Here are our favourite tips to help you become an expert at time management and organisation.

1/ Plan

Now this step seems simple, but you would be surprised how many of us don’t plan out our workdays. Think about it, you plan a holiday to make sure you can see as much as you wanted to, and you plan a birthday party to make sure everything is accounted for. Why should our workdays be any different?

You don’t have to be so meticulous down to your toilet breaks but having a general understanding of what you aim to complete in a day will make you feel less overwhelmed with what you have to achieve.

First thing in the morning, or the night before, take a moment to sit down and right out what you need to do in a detailed to do list. Then look at your schedule and work out what task can slot in where.

2/ Turn off distractions

This is probably the hardest one to commit to, but once you do your productivity will shoot up. Think of all the notifications you get at work, whether it is on your phone, your laptop, or the people around you. It’s a lot, right, and every single time you hear that little ping it stops you in your tracks affecting your productivity. If you can, turn your phone and laptop on do not disturb, or turn off notifications to your emails and pick designated times to stop and check them all at once.

Try not to have your phone sitting next to you too. Temptation is the biggest killer of productivity, you would be surprised, even without the notifications on how many times you subconsciously open your phone and scroll for a few seconds.

Aim to be conscious in your digital habits and turn off the notifications. Trust us it won’t kill you.

3/ Move

We all know exercise has several benefits for us, one of those being productivity. A study has found that when employees worked out their concentration was 21% higher than when they did not work out, 41% more motivated in their work and 22% more likely to finish work on time.

Getting up and moving in the morning or throughout the day releases endorphins to keep you going. Whether it is a stroll around the block or a Cross Fit Class, keeping active will keep you productive, healthy, and happy.

4/ Pomodoro Technique

This is a time management technique that breaks your day into twenty-five-minute chunks, with five-minute breaks in between. Then after four pomodoro sets, you break for 15-20 minutes.

This technique works as it creates a sense of urgency, rather than the feeling of endless time. You have twenty-five minutes to limit distractions and pump out your to do list. Also, the technique helps you in getting started.

Knowing that you only have to work for twenty-five minutes and then you get to break, seems less daunting than the thought of six hours of work and by the time you finish the first twenty-five minutes, the adrenaline kicks in, making it game like and almost some might say “fun”. Additionally, the forced five-minute break allows you to actually stop, rather than getting lost in work for hours on end, leading to burnout. You can download an app or simply use the google timer to try this out.

5/ Productive Work Environment

What you surround yourself with can play a huge role in how much work you get done and how you feel about it all. By having a clean workspace, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed, which can lead to you feeling hopeless and incapable of achieving what you need to.

Ensure you also have the right equipment within your environment to feel comfortable and easily achieve what you need to. We recommend an ergonomic workspace and using blue light glasses and digital hydration sprays to feel comfortable and prevent unhealthy habits in your work environment.

6/ Stop multitasking

We all think we are an octopus, eight arms and ready to tackle a million things at once. Whilst we think we can achieve everything at once, with this mindset everything you do is done poorly, without attention to detail.

Slow down and work methodically to achieve your goals. You will find you will probably achieve more and feel less overwhelmed in the long run.

7/ Just Start

Starting is the hardest task of them all. Once you start you are already halfway to finishing. The longer you procrastinate the tasks the more overwhelming it becomes. So instead of reading more tips for productivity as a form of procrastination…just go and do it.

There is nothing wrong with having a rest, to recharge, but try not to make this a daily habit. As this is when resting can turn into a slump of unproductivity, lacking motivation and in turn your self-worth. Which is not what any of us want in the long term. Take these tips to achieve a lifestyle of balance and happiness and you will see the productivity increase in no time.


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