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5 steps to stay mindful and intentional with digital wellbeing

By Nadine Muller


In today's digital world, it's safe to say that most of us are never too far away from a screen these days. From social media apps and a quick scroll of the news to full-time work on a computer or laptop...heck, we can even watch movies on the go these days!

As a Life Coach and Mindset Mentor (also an influencer and content creator!) operating in the digital space, plus being a wife and mum of two little hurricanes living large as a full-time travelling van fam! As you can imagine, the intense juggle has meant I've had to get serious about cultivating processes to remain intentional with digital time. Not just for my business’ to thrive, but to enrich family life and balance overall health and wellness. After all, there's no point in taking my family on this adventure of a lifetime if my time is spent connected to a screen 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Here are my top tips for staying mindful and intentional with digital wellbeing.

1) Phone-free time upon waking
For many, the temptation to scroll through socials or the news is real as soon as their eyes open, but I like to start the day off at a slower pace. I set my phone to flight mode before I go to bed and have a shower, a coffee, a gentle stretch, get down to some journaling and of course, hugs and kisses with the boys before even looking at my phone each day.

Once I've started my day with intention and purpose, I'll then re-activate the phone and get to work for a couple of hours with a fresh head.

2) Limit blue light exposure
Of course, working in content creation and influencer marketing not to mention with my online coaching clients - screen time is non-negotiable! But while I could easily spend all day, every day in front of a laptop, phone or device, too much blue light can impact melatonin production and stimulate the brain making it harder to get a good night's sleep.

My non-negotiable for screen time is the Baxter Blue Light Glasses to limit exposure to the harmful blue lights that can throw the all-important circadian rhythm out of routine.

While a small amount of exposure to blue light is unavoidable, I've chosen the ultra-stylish Billie frames in Crystal Toffee to protect my eyes from too much blue light. These are medium to large frames suited to oval or square faces, but if you're unsure about the style that would suit you best, head to the virtual try-on section of the website to see for yourself if they'd suit you! These are non-prescription glasses but an absolute non-negotiable for my digital toolkit.

3) Make a digital to-do list
Procrastination can lead us to much more screen time than is necessary for a day. If you find you're not being intentional with your digital performance and simply scrolling out of habit, create and stick to a priority list that makes sure your time online is valuable and leads to you achieving a goal or priority.

4) Take meaningful, conscious breaks
Living full time in a van with a young family can make it harder to take complete time out which is why I make regular breaks a priority. Every day, I commit to a routine that includes work, screen-free breaks and one-on-one time with all three of my boys. Living so closely together, just seeing one another isn’t enough so it’s important for me to prioritise quality time with no digital distractions.
Ultimately, you are in control of your own screen time and no deadline or anything else should prioritise that. Plan digital downtime in advance (such as during meals, when socialising or playing with the kids) and make sure you stick to it. You can easily monitor how much time you spend online with apps and new smartphone features so use the tools to manage time on social media and step away from the phone or laptop at regular intervals.

5) Prioritise sleep
Quality sleep is the key that unlocks the wellness door! Living and working full time in a van, it's harder to juggle quality sleep around the pressures of digital work and two small boys who like to bed hop!

With the limited choice of sleeping spots, I can often fall asleep with my husband and wake up with both children in my bed so I'm well prepared for co-sleeping. I keep the Baxter Blue Deep Sleep Pillow Mist
on hand to make sure that whoever ends up sleeping in which bed, a good night's sleep is on hand.

Sleep is essential for overall health and wellness, cognitive function and an elevated mood. When you're living in such tight quarters, trust me when I say that all of those are essential!!

If I’ve had a particularly stressful day, or feeling digital stress I’ll roll some Baxter Blue De-stress Roll-on onto my wrists or onto my temples allowing the soothing blend of peppermint, lavender and marjoram essential oils to help me reset and/or unwind!

As a life coach, mentor and digital creator, there's no denying that connection to the online world is unavoidable and necessary but a space that I intentionally choose to LOVE & NURTURE and take care of me in the process!! Hopefully, these tips will help you become more intentional with your digital time and stay connected to the physical world that surrounds you!

Want to stay connected? You can find me at @nadinemuller our family page at @heartledwanderers and my virtual home


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