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Can You Wear Readers All Day?


For those who have reached the stage in life where reading fine print, menus, and books requires a little extra help, reading glasses, often called "readers," have become a handy tool. But how long can or should you wear these readers? Can you wear them all day without harming your eyes? Let's dive deep into this topic to provide clarity for all those wondering.

Why do People Wear Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses are essentially a tool designed to aid with vision enhancement, specifically during close-up tasks. According to a study by The Vision Council, an impressive 32.6 million Americans prefer using over-the-counter reading glasses. But what’s the reason behind this preference?

The most common culprit is presbyopia, an age-associated condition. This natural phenomenon results in farsightedness, which stems from the diminishing elasticity of the eye's lens, making it harder to see objects up close.

However, it's not just about age. Reading glasses, especially those of superior quality like Baxter Blue's Reading Glasses, make various tasks significantly more effortless and enjoyable. These glasses can be particularly helpful in mitigating eye fatigue and potential headaches after extended focus on nearby objects or reading.

Wearing Readers Can Be Beneficial For:

1/ Perusing books, newspapers, or magazines
2/ Navigating on smartphones or tablets
3/ Engaging in artistic activities such as drawing or painting
4/ Observing intricate items like jewellery
5/ Crafting, especially with paper

When Shouldn't You Reach for Your Readers?

While readers offer a simple and cost-effective solution for presbyopia, they're not a universal remedy for all visual impairments. Problems such as astigmatism, farsightedness, and other common eye conditions aren't addressed by readers. Hence, it's crucial to understand when not to depend on them. Activities where readers might not be suitable include:

1/ Driving or maneuvering vehicles
2/ Preparing meals (except when reading a recipe)
3/ General cleaning activities
Physical exercises, treks, or dog walks
4/ Engaging in gardening or yard tasks
5/ Operating heavy machinery
6 /Viewing distant TV screens, movies, or attending lectures

What About Extended Reading Periods?

For the bibliophiles and those whose profession or passion involves extensive reading, there's some good news! Wearing reading glasses for prolonged durations isn't detrimental to your eyes. Conversely, not using them when required might slowly degrade your vision.

It's not uncommon for individuals to experience a brief adjustment phase, sometimes accompanied by mild headaches or strain. However, such discomfort typically dissipates after a day or two. So, for those who fancy wearing reading glasses as a style statement or engage in prolonged reading or screen time, there's little to worry about.

Prioritising eye health is pivotal. Vision plays a crucial role in our daily lives, ensuring safety, comfort, and overall well-being. Using reading glasses for appropriate tasks can indeed be a proactive step towards preserving your sight, ensuring you're at your optimal best every day.

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