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How to clean your glasses


Buying a pair of blue light glasses is an important investment in your digital experience and overall wellbeing. This is why it’s incredibly important to put time and energy into caring for them to ensure you have them for many years to come.

The most important, yet most overlooked step in glasses care, is keeping them clean and protected. For anyone who wears glasses, I am sure you’re aware of the struggle to keep your glasses clean. I won’t lie, mine were constantly a smudgy, dusty mess, but don’t worry, you too can come to the other side of clear, smudge-free vision in just a few simple steps.

From oily or flaky skin to makeup, and other skin products, we are constantly exposed to various elements that affect the cleanliness of our glasses. As well as this, humans have a tendency to touch their faces, around 23 times an hour to be exact, which adds another layer of bacteria to the mix.

Naturally, dust will build up on our glasses, however, if this debris is not cleaned regularly, it can affect the quality of the lenses, arms, and hinges on the glasses.

It is important that cleaning our glasses is part of our daily self-care routine. Just like washing our faces, our glasses need the same amount of attention.

So, here are our top tips to keep your vision clear and your glasses happy:

1. Wash your hands

I know this seems like a simple step, but it is usually the most forgotten. Our hands touch more than we think, collecting masses of debris particles that end up being rubbed into our glasses, faces, and eyes. Simply run your hands under some warm soapy water and scrub a dub dub.

2. Rinse your glasses

Next, you want to run your glasses under warm water using a drop of lotion-free soap to gently wash. Rub the lenses on both sides and then rinse off to remove all soap.

3. Dry your glasses

For the final step, take your microfibre cloth from your Baxter Blue cleaning kit and gently polish and dry off your glasses, leaving them streak-free and ready to be used.
It is important to remember to clean the frames and arms as well, as these tend to harbour bacteria.

If you are looking to give your lenses a quick clean, use the Baxter Blue Cleaning Kit which includes a cleaning spray and microfibre cloth

The final tip in your eyewear care manual is to clean your microfibre cloth.

How to wash your microfibre cloth?

Whilst it is something we tend to forget, keeping your cleaning instruments clean is very important to your end result. Although cleaning the cloth does not need to happen every time you clean your glasses, it is good to get in the habit of doing it once a month.

To clean the cloth, you can either hand wash it with some cold water and lotion-free soap, or you can place it into the washing machine with bleach-free soap and no fabric softener. Once it is done, let it sit and air dry.

Now that your glasses are clean it’s important to keep them safe. We recommend placing them into the hard-shell case they come in for optimal safeguarding. Try not to leave them on bathroom sinks where they could be exposed to hair products or other irritants that could potentially damage them over time. The good news is, you can use the same process for all your glasses, whether they be sunnies, blue lights, or prescriptions.

Glasses are an important investment in your wellbeing, so make sure you look after them as you would yourself. Get ready to see the world clearly, and check out Baxter Blues wide range of glasses and cleaning utensils.


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