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The Top Reading Glasses Trends for 2023


As we step into the coming new year, it's time to elevate your eyewear game with the latest styles and designs. We showcase the top reading glasses trends that have dominated the Australian eyewear scene this year, including Baxter Blue's stylish eyewear collection.

Bold and Expressive Frames

2023 has been all about making a statement with your eyewear. Bold and expressive frames are in vogue, offering a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs to suit your personality. At Baxter Blue, we have an array of striking frames to choose from:

Vibrant Colours: Embrace vibrant hues like emerald green, electric blue, and fiery red to add a pop of colour to your look. Some favourites are Harper Crystal Azure, Billie Crystal Toffee and Georgie Rose Pink.

Prints and Patterns: Explore frames featuring playful prints, such as floral, geometric, and animal prints, for a unique and eye-catching style such as Frankie Amber Tortoise and Drew Opal Tortoise

Chunky and Oversized: Opt for chunky and oversized frames that exude confidence and make a fashion-forward statement. Our favourites are Billie Gloss Black and Frankie Crystal Olive.

Blue Light Filtering Technology

In an age dominated by screens, protecting your eyes from digital eye strain is paramount. The inclusion of blue light filtering technology in reading glasses is a 2023 trend that's both fashionable and functional:

Blue Light-Blocking Coatings: Our Baxter Blue reading glasses are equipped with advanced blue light-blocking coatings to reduce digital eye strain and promote better sleep.

Clear Lenses: Enjoy the benefits of blue light protection without sacrificing the clarity of your lenses.

Sustainable Eyewear

Eco-conscious consumers are driving the demand for sustainable eyewear options. Baxter Blue is committed to sustainability with:

Eco-Friendly Materials: Our frames are 100% biodegradable using sustainable materials like plant based bio-acetate reducing their environmental impact.

FSC Certified: The wood pulp used for our Bio-Acetate is cultivated and managed in compliance with the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines.

As we embrace the trends of 2023, Baxter Blue is at the forefront of stylish and functional reading glasses. Our eyewear collection incorporates the latest trends, ensuring you not only look fashionable but also protect your eyes and the environment.

Elevate your eyewear game in 2023 with Baxter Blue's stylish and innovative reading glasses.

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