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Motion Sensor Night Light


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Improve Sleep

Circadian Friendly

Blue Light Free


Enhance your sleep environment with our Motion Sensor Night Light. Emitting a soothing red glow free from blue and green light, this innovative night light is designed to preserve your sleep quality. Ideal for bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms, it activates only when needed, providing gentle illumination without disrupting your rest. Experience the perfect blend of convenience and tranquility.

Despatch Thursday 9th May

- Motion sensor

- Auto and manual mode

- 100% blue and green light free

- Rechargeable

- Magnetic wall attachment

- Low EMF

- Flicker free

- Portable

- 9.5cm x 8cm

- Wavelengths: 600nm x 640nm

- Colour Temperature: 1200k

- Built in Battery 3.7V 800 mAh rechargeable

- Brightness: 85 Lumens

- Wavelengths blocked: 100% between 380nm - 600nm

- Weight:62g

- USB charging cable

- 1 year warranty

- Flicker free

- Motion Sensor Night Light

- USB charger

Motion Sensor Night Light - £20.58

Motion Sensor Night Light - £20.58

Motion Sensor Night Light - £20.58

Gentle Illumination for Better Sleep

Transform your nighttime experience with our Motion Sensor Night Light, designed to enhance your safety and comfort without disrupting your sleep. Unlike traditional night lights, our innovative device emits a soothing red light, completely free of blue and green wavelengths, ensuring your sleep quality remains undisturbed.

The gentle, sleep-friendly illumination provides just the right amount of light to navigate your home without interfering with your body's natural sleep rhythms. Whether you're getting up for a drink of water or checking on your children, our night light offers the perfect balance of visibility and tranquility.

Featuring built-in flicker-free technology, this night light guarantees a steady and calming glow, making it a perfect addition to any home. With its zero harmful EMF emissions, you can rest easy knowing that your health and wellbeing are prioritised.

The convenience of the integrated motion sensor means your night light activates automatically when movement is detected, providing instant illumination exactly when you need it. No more fumbling for switches or buttons in the dark—just effortless, hands-free lighting.

Designed with portability and versatility in mind, our compact night light is easy to install and fits seamlessly into any space. Use it in hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, or any area where you need a gentle glow. The included magnetic wall attachment allows for flexible placement and easy removal, making it a practical and stylish addition to your home.

Circadian Friendly
Blue Light Free
Improve Sleep
Flicker Free
Rechargeable Battery

The Convenience of our Innovative Night Light

Experience the ultimate in nighttime convenience and health with our Motion Sensor Night Light. This innovative light provides gentle, red illumination that supports your natural sleep rhythms, making it perfect for late-night activities without disturbing your rest. The built-in motion sensor ensures instant lighting when movement is detected, eliminating the need to search for switches in the dark. Its compact, portable design and magnetic wall attachment make it easy to place anywhere in your home, from hallways and bedrooms to bathrooms. With flicker-free technology and low EMF emissions, our night light combines safety, convenience, and sleep-friendly lighting for an unmatched nighttime experience.

Innovative Design with Next Level Features

Motion Sensor: Equipped with a highly sensitive motion sensor, our night light activates automatically when movement is detected, providing convenient and energy-efficient lighting.

Rechargeable: Say goodbye to constant battery replacements. Our night light features a rechargeable battery, offering long-lasting performance with just a single charge.

Portable: Lightweight and compact, this night light is perfect for any location in your home. Easily move it from room to room or take it with you when traveling for reliable illumination wherever you go.

100% Blue and Green Light Free: Designed to protect your sleep environment, our night light emits a soothing red light, free from blue and green light, which helps maintain your natural sleep cycle.

Low EMF: Prioritise your health with our low EMF night light. It emits minimal electromagnetic fields, ensuring a safer environment for you and your loved ones.

Magnetic Wall Attachment: For added convenience, our night light comes with a magnetic wall attachment. Easily attach and detach it as needed, keeping your space well-lit without any hassle.


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